We understand that it's tough to buy a jacket/coat over the net and that we actually need you to be proud of your purchase. I the thought of its vital, we tend to create the comeback Policy.

However, kindly please note that our jacket/coat area unit created to order, once the creation method has begun, the materials can't be reused. So, it is vital for you to browse over our cancellation policy before ordering.

Step 1) Contact us at info@slimleatherjackets.com within thirty days of the product delivery date for exchane and return.

Step 2) once you want to return the product, us please contact us for further action at info@slimleatherjackets.com

Step 3) Once we receive the return product, you will be happy enough to receive selected design of your desire.

Return and Exchange Terms & Conditions

We have no management over your choice of size and color, and that we method your orders strictly to your chosen size and colors; thus, there'll be no refunds for ordering incorrect sizes and colors for each commonplace and custom product. therefore it's important that you cross-check your measurements rigorously before inserting an order. Size chart area unit obtainable with elaborated info for measurement your size on our web site. If you've got any question concerning size, be at liberty to at info@slimleatherjackets.com.

A client shall be needed up-to-date one aspect shipping price, that incurs once he or she ships the merchandise back to us for coming back and exchange. the opposite aspect shipping price, that incurs after we ship the came back product back to you, shall be complimentary.

The shipping charges of return and exchange will be paid by the buyer.

A product required to come back for exchange should change with the subsequent requirements:

The product should be in its fresh/unworn condition. The used product shall not come back for an exchange in any case.
Soiled, jagged and torn product shall not be diverted for come back.
A product required to come back for exchange should come back to our mentioned came back address previous our consultation.
A product should come back to us in its original packaging with its originally enclosed tags, labels and/or the other document fenced in.

Return and Exchange For custom-made product

The comeback and exchange shall not be applicable to the custom-made product. The custom-made product area unit created specifically as per your body measuring details; thus they'll not come back for exchange for the rationale that these products aren't resalable to alternative customers.

Refund Policy

As per our Refund Policy, we tend to initiate a full refund that is just restricted to the subsequent cases:

  • If the merchandise is lost throughout the transit and it loses its traceability.
  • If the merchandise you've got ordered is out of stock, and therefore the next arrival of the batch could take time.
  • a reimbursement (Same technique accustomed pay, whether or not Paypal or debit/Credit Card payment)
  • Discount on consecutive purchase (up to 50%)
  • Accept return within 30 days after delivery in all circumstances
  • We are responsible for returning the full amount after receiving the jacket within 30 days
  • customers will be responsible for paying these fees duties and taxes on their shipments

Incoterms you should know

For B2C companies and traditional eCommerce sellers that are shipping small parcels, the following Incoterms will be applicable to you:

  • DDP. Deliver Duty Paid. The seller is responsible for handling the risks and costs of the shipment, including import duty and any other charges related to delivery.
  • DDU. Deliver Duty Unpaid. The receiver/customer is responsible for settling all charges in order for customs to release the shipment and have it delivered. Learn more.