Get Smart 99's "Anne Hathaway" White leather Jacket

Get Smart 99's "Anne Hathaway" White leather Jacket

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American Maxwell good works for a Government spy agency in Associate in Nursing body capability. once the agency's head workplace is attacked, the Chief decides to assign Maxwell as a spy and partners him with attractive Agent ninety nine, abundant to her chagrin. The pair even so go away to combat their attackers by 1st descent off Associate in Nursing aeroplane and landing in Russian territory - followed closely by a over seven foot tall, four hundred pound goon, familiar merely as Dalip. The duo, disabled by Maxwell's antics, can eventually have their identities compromised, and will be chalked up as casualties whereas back in America their attackers have already planted a bomb that's set-up to explode in an exceedingly concert.

Specifications:Get Smart 99's "Anne Hathaway" White leather Jacket

  • 100% animal skin,
  • Premium handicraft Throughout. 
  • Low costs and prime quality Guaranteed!

It has been fastidiously designed and created with high attention to detail. the standard and acquirement, combined with high attention to particularization is that the core of our business, here at motion-picture show animal skin jackets. All film jacket is created exploitation 100% real real animal skin jacket.With our on-line leather Store, you'll get price, quality, and glorious once sales support.

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When you place your order, a jacket is formed particularly for you and that we would appreciate you taking the time to be as positive as you'll in selecting the dimensions you would like. we tend to are aware of it isn't straightforward to shop for a jacket over the web therefore please be at liberty to email or decision U.S. for any assist you want.

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