I Robot Del Spooner Black Jacket

I Robot Del Spooner Black Jacket

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If you're what you wear, then this I automaton jacket goes to form your vogue statement similar to 1 with a celebrity’s. Fished out from Hollywood blockbuster “I Robot” worn by can Smith, United Nations agency reprised the role as Del Spooner – a Chicago detective.

It has a button closure headed by AN impactful lap collar adding dignity and praise to the appearance of the user. product of black Real animal skin, this I automaton Del Spooner animal skin jacket is a perfect piece that one will carry for each the formal or casual happening. Lined with premium polyester lining, this provides you a awfully pleasant elation once you carry it.

Product Specification:"I Robot Del Spooner Black Jacket"

  • Movie: I automaton
  • Outfit type: Jacket
  • Gender: Male
  • Exterior material: 100 percent real leather
  • Internal material: Polyester lining
  • Style: Button closure with overlap collar

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