Allan Quatermain League Extraordinary Gentlemen Vest

Allan Quatermain League Extraordinary Gentlemen Vest

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Allan Quatermain Leather Jacket

The League Of Extraordinary Gentleman features a lot of great characters most of them being lead roles. However, there are some characters that really stand out in the film. One such character is Allan Quatermain, which is played by Sean Connery. He is seen wearing a top-class leather vest. The vest is distressed brown in color and is made from real leather. If you have seen the film you will definitely agree that Sean Connery looks extremely classy in this jacket. The jacket brings out a great look in the character. The vest features a lapel collar and has two lower-game pockets. The vest also features two rows of shell hoops, something that any hunter would admire. The pockets around the waist are flapped ensuring that whatever is kept in them is safe.


  • Real Leather / PU Leather
  • Flap pockets
  • Lapel collar
  • Distressed brown jacket
  • Shell hoops on the left

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