Caprica Magda (Lacy Rand) Apanowicz Leather Jacket

Caprica Magda (Lacy Rand) Apanowicz Leather Jacket

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Cuteness starts with the face of Apanowicz Brown or one will say she is that the executive defintion fot this word.Cuteness includes vogue, Face cuts and means of speaking however the foremost vital issue to seem cute is that the means of consumer goods.
this animal skin jacket was seen worn during a very talked-about fantasy drama tv series “Caprica” by a personality named “Lacy Rand”. “Caprica” centers on a really advanced technological world that shows essentially however humans created the primary robotic cylons World Health Organization would later plot to destroy the human kind in paying back of their enslavement. Anyway lacy may be a student within the series World Health Organization may be a sturdy willed, kind and extremely amorous lady|fille} essentially it shows however everybody woman ought to be. Lucy Rand is additionally terribly engaging and far of her beauty square measure attributed to the means she dresses, the most part being her black animal skin jacket that is that the highlight of her terribly elegant dressing sense.

Product Specification:Caprica Magda (Lacy Rand) Apanowicz Leather Jacket

  • External: Cowhide animal skin
  • Material: leather 100%
  • Collar: low collar, wool edges, snap tab button
  • Design: sleeves woolen edges, zipper shutting in front
  • Fitting: slim fit style
  • Color: black

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