Resident Evil 6 Gaming Leon Leather Jacket

Resident Evil 6 Gaming Leon Leather Jacket

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Product Specfication:"Resident Evil 6 Gaming Leon Leather Jacket"

  • Game: Resident Evil half dozen
  • Outfit type: Sleeve Stripe Jacket
  • Gender: Male
  • Exterior material: top of the range animal skin
  • Internal material: 100% Polyester
  • Style: absolutely nothing closure with shirt vogue collar and Double Sleeve stripy
  • Pockets: Four flap pockets and 2 nothing pockets on front with within pockets

    At times, fantasy gets therefore reinforced that it begins to obsess our wits. up to date video games show up fictional characters with enticing gears. Resident Evil half dozen displays a protagonist character Leon S. Kennedy sporting a classy strapped jacket. Resident Evil half dozen animal skin Jacket is factory-made of the 100% authentic animal skin and our knowledgeable craftsmen have paid thorough attention to each of its detail creating Leon Kennedy animal skin Jacket look precisely the same as appeared within the game. the purpose collar, six pocket front and strap detail on the sleeve can cause you to look improbably appealing after you carry this masterpiece.

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