Shattered Tom Ryan (Pierce Brosnan) Leather Jacket

Shattered Tom Ryan (Pierce Brosnan) Leather Jacket

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Just contemplate this – sophistication and calculation takes away your dream life at the side of your family and one in every of your loved one is kidnapped. when this the fortunes begin slithering away. This story is of picture show Shattered that depicts Pierce Brosnan because the abductor inclined upon taking lives of a well – off family. Pierce Brosnan is well calculated so is his apparel.

He shows off with a high quality animal skin jacket that comes with a front zipper that runs underneath the front botonee closure. With a snap-tab moto kind collar and 4 patched pockets coated nicely with high closing flaps – giving it a glance of a mastermind engineer.

The jacket uplifts the persona with the thickness of animal skin to relinquish the required comfort and also the heat of thoughts is undisturbed. excellent for casual wear, the jacket are an ideal suited travellers with a powerful well featured engineered to mix with the jacket. Sturdier physical performance won't tarnish or stress the fabric

Product Specification:"Shattered: Tom Ryan (Pierce Brosnan) Leather Jacket"

  • Made from genuine leather
  • Four flapped front pockets
  • Snap tab sleeves
  • Appealing black color
  • Comfortable polyester lining
  • Snap tab stand up collar style


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