X-Men Magneto (Ian McKellen) Uniform Cosplay Costume

X-Men Magneto (Ian McKellen) Uniform Cosplay Costume

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X Men bike Suit is merely avialable in Custome Size attributable to completly work along with your temperament and Enhance the Attraction.

Product specfication:"X-Men Magneto (Ian McKellen) Uniform Cosplay Costume"


  • Front: A closed front.
  • Back: Cape with the exterior`s color as black and interior`s red.
  • Collar: High collar with a tap button closure.
  • Tights: matching the outfit perfect.
  • Worn by: Ian McKellen (Magneto)
  • Inspired by: X-Men 
  • Exterior: Pure Cotton.
  • Interior: Lined from polyester.


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