Wonder Woman 2017 Leather Jacket

Wonder Woman 2017 Leather Jacket

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Ponder Woman 2017 Leather Jacket is as the name recommends a Wonder Woman Jacket to go for which has been outlined and produced remembering the idea of a female clothing. The hues, design and general viewpoints is made with huge flawlessness of style and stylishness so that each woman while conveying this ponder lady coat may appreciate the reasonableness and style in the meantime. This Wonder Woman 2017 Leather Jacket is a radiant decision to be carried on every single easygoing event.


  • Decision of certified cowhide and false Leather.
  • Front conclusion of hurdle in the inside discoloring the logo.
  • Full sleeves with the edges being made with woolen.
  • Mix of maroon, yellow and blue shading.
  • Star design on sleeves.
  • Standing neckline with a light load.
  • Inward of gooey material.
  • Back with plain surface.

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